Vaccine Schedule for Puppies and Dogs


Hi, wanted to talk a little bit about dog vaccines and the schedule that we follow for both puppies and adults for vaccines. Typically, we'll start seeing puppies as early as six to eight weeks, and so by that time we want to get our first Distemper Parvo onboard. Distemper Parvo is a vaccine we'll start about six to eight weeks. It's boosted every three to four weeks until they are four months of age, and then after that we'll boost it a year later. Then beyond that, we'll oftentimes do it every three years, so it becomes a lot less frequent. Puppies have such a young, immature and growing immune system that we've got to boost vaccines when they're puppies.

The next vaccine that we'll do is at three months of age, rabies. Very, very important to vaccinate all animals really for rabies. It's obviously a big health concern on the human side and for our pets too, so we want them protected. We will do that once as a puppy, typically again at the three month mark. Then after that we'll boost it one year later. Then after that it can be a every three year vaccine.

The other core vaccine that we typically will do is Leptospirosis. We like to get them two boosters when they're puppies. Starting at three months of age, they'll get their first one. We'll boost it again three to four weeks later, and then after that it's a yearly vaccine.

The last core vaccine that we recommend for puppies and dogs, adult dogs, is Bordetella. Bordetella is kennel cough, and so really important for dogs with any exposure to other dogs, whether it be boarding or at a groomer or maybe even at just the dog park. Those dogs really should have Bordatella onboard.

If you have any questions about your dog's vaccine schedule, please contact us.