Vaccine Schedule for Kittens and Cats

Let's talk a little bit about vaccines in cats, the protocol, what vaccines we recommend as core vaccines. The first one that we do is called FVRCP, and that's really a combination of upper respiratory diseases that cats are prone to via aerosol or through the air. A lot of times cats coming from the shelter will already have one or two of these onboard. We typically will do it every three to four weeks as kittens until they're four months of age. And then after that, we boost it at a year and then after that it's every three years, so it's actually fairly infrequent, but that's an important one to keep up with.

The next one is rabies. We will give that as early as three months of age or after and then after that again boost it in one year. That one's very, very important, certainly a very big health concern on the human side for rabies so, all animals should be vaccinated for rabies. And the last cat vaccine that we typically discuss, not all cats will actually get this. We tailor it to a cat's lifestyle, it's feline leukemia or FeLV, and that's spread mainly by cat contact, usually a cat bite. Cats that have outdoor access or access to other cats are the ones that are most susceptible. And so we might recommend the vaccine for those cats, but truly indoor-only cats, we're probably not going to recommend that one. That's a review overview of cat vaccines.

If you have any questions about vaccines for your kitten or cat, please contact us.