Fourth of July Safety Tips for Pets 

If your pet becomes nervous around loud noises throughout the year, Fourth of July fireworks can be a very stressful event for them. It's very important to take the necessary precautions a couple of days before July Fourth in order to make sure your animals are safe and comfortable during the holiday.

  • All of your pets should have some form of identification, a microchip or a collar, with updated tags in case they are to become startled and run away. If your pets are not microchipped, it could be worth discussing with your veterinarian to ensure the safety of your animals.
  • You can consider an oral sedative from your veterinarian to help keep your pet calm- please talk to your veterinarian about the options with sedation.
  • D.A.P. (Adaptil) is a dog pheromone that can help keep them calm during times of stress. It should ideally be in their environment at least 3 days before the event. It comes as both an “on-the-go” collar as well as a plug-in diffuser.
  • Purchasing a Thunder Jacket can also help soothe a nervous dog during the holiday. (It applies gentle, calming pressure, much like swaddling a baby.)
  • Check your yard to see if it is secure to keep your pets in if they do find a way to escape the home.


Independence Day 

If you have plans for the holiday you should leave your pets at home with a pet sitter or in a boarding facility to avoid them from getting out of an unfamiliar place. If you have to take them with you, be sure to take similar precautions as you would at home.

  • During the Fourth of July, your pets should be kept in a place that makes them feel comfortable and calm, where they cannot escape if startled. You can use a sound machine, play music or turn on the television to help block the sound of fireworks, as well as close the blinds.
  • If your pet is crate-trained, put them in it and cover it with a light sheet or blanket.
  • If your pet is not in a secure location in the home and you are hosting a party, post notes in the home as well as tell your guests to not let out your pets.
  • If you are using fireworks you should keep your animals in the home to prevent them from getting hurt or burned.
  • Keep fireworks, glow sticks, bug spray, and other dangerous items out of reach from your pets. If your pet is outside, it is important for it to have plenty of water so that it does not overheat from the sun.
  • If your pet is at home or traveling with you do not feed them the food you are eating or alcohol, as it can cause an upset stomach and diarrhea, and, in some cases, the food can be toxic to your pets.


The Day After

After the holiday, check your yard for fireworks debris even if you didn't use fireworks. Fireworks can land in anyone's yard. If you had your own party, take the time to check if all food and trash has been picked up and thrown away, both from your home and yard, so your pets cannot access it. Remember, your pets are curious and these types of objects can harm them.


Other Important Information 

People start celebrating Independence Day a couple of days before and into the weekend after the holiday. Fireworks are sold only a few times a year in Texas but for Independence day it starts on June 24 and ends at midnight on July Fourth. Be aware that our area allows for the use of fireworks over the course of the year. It is illegal to use or possess fireworks in the city of Austin, and most cities in Hays County ban the use of fireworks as well.

Happy Fourth of July!! Stay safe!

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