A veterinary technician by definition is a veterinarian's assistant, trained to provide medical care for animals, performing diagnostic tests or administering vaccines and medication, but they are so much more than that! 


Not many people know what their job entails as an animal nurse and how important they are to the veterinary profession. Simply put, Veterinarians rely on them heavily to carry out the day to day operations of a veterinary clinic. They wear very many hats in their daily duties all while jumping from one task to the other and going above and beyond for their patients. 

Obviously a love and passion for animals is a common theme in this profession, but it goes so much deeper than that. Their days are long, filled with happiness, sadness, frustration and burn out and they still come back day after day to take care of their patients. There are so many different types of appointments every day, they never know what to expect and it can be stressful and an emotional roller coaster. 

Veterinary Technicians act as patient advocates, phlebotomists, laboratory technicians, anesthesia technicians, surgery technicians, dental hygienists & radiology technicians. They are trained to perform everything in a hospital other than tasks legally restricted to veterinarians. 

Most importantly, they are the ones that are responsible for patient care and ensuring all of their patient’s needs are met. Whether that’s drawing blood, administering medications or just simply giving them some love, easing their anxiety and making them as comfortable as they can while they are receiving care. 

There are so many more amazing qualities that Veterinary Technicians possess and we cannot list them all. We value them every day of the year and are so appreciative of everything they do.


Happy National Veterinary Technician Week - October 17th, 2022 - October 22nd, 2022!!!!

During National Veterinary Technician Week, we honor their dedication to compassionate and high quality care for all animals. THANK YOU TO OUR AMAZING TEAM!!