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Dog Nutrition - How to Obtain Optimal Dog Nutrition

What are the life stages of feeding my dog?

You'll typically find categories of puppy food, adult food, and senior dog foods. And they are all a little bit different, which is why it's important to feed the appropriate life stage. Puppy food is geared toward growth, whereas a senior diet meets different needs. Speaking with your vet is undoubtedly the best way to figure out at what point that needs to be switched over, but I do think it's important to feed the appropriate life stage.

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Dog Senior Care

Senior Dog Care in Dripping Springs, TX

One focus during your senior dog check-up will be to question you on any changes you’ve noticed with your pet, whether they seem significant to you or not. Our goal is to catch signs of illness at an early stage, so that more options exist for us to better manage what’s going on with your pet. We want to help our friends age gracefully. Some common concerns we see with our senior canines may include an underactive thyroid (hypothroidism), decreased kidney function, development of heart disease, vision or hearing problems, cognitive dysfunction, and pain or mobility issues.

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Dog Dental Disease

Dog Dental Services

Diseases of the teeth and gums are not uncommon in dogs. The top dental concerns in dogs include gingivitis, periodontitis, abscessed teeth fractured or broken teeth, and discolored teeth. All can be a source of discomfort, pain, and infection for our canine friends. Dogs typically learn to live with this pain, thus typically do not stop eating, making it difficult for owners to be alerted of a concern. This is why it’s so important for you veterinarian to check your dog’s mouth for signs of disease at least annually, and sooner should an owner notice changes such as bad breath.

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Puppy Wellness Plan

Puppy Wellness Care

Our puppy wellness plan is a great way to ensure your puppy is getting everything he needs during this very important stage of his life. From preventative care to behavioral and training recommendations, there is so much to discuss, and you will be provided with reading material to take home and share with the family.

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Dog Allergies

Itchy dogs are one of the most common reasons pet owners visit their veterinarian, especially in the Austin area! Dogs are often in a lot of discomfort from being itchy during an allergy flare-up, and some dogs will have chronic respiratory issues as well. If you notice excessive licking (especially of the paws), scratching, chewing of body parts, rubbing the body on the ground or furniture, notice hair loss, or frequent sneezing, your dog could be suffering from allergies.

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Dog Acupuncture

Acupuncture is the insertion of needles into specific points in the body to produce a healing response. It has been used for thousands of years to treat illnesses as well as for preventative care. From a Western medical perspective, acupuncture can assist the body to heal itself by affecting certain physiologic changes, such as increased blood circulation, decreased inflammation, stimulation of nerves, and release of pain-relieving hormones.

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Puppy Care


Not much compares to bringing home a sweet, cuddly puppy! So many memories are made during this time, but it’s also important to remember that it’s your responsibility to keep him healthy. At Lone Star Animal Hospital, we know what an exciting and special time this is, and we want to provide you with the best information and advice for a great start. From good nutrition to behavior challenges, get all the tips you need for ensuring he’ll have a long and happy life.

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